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Selling Tips

Clear out clutter.  If you haven’t touched it within the past year, toss it. You can also donate unwanted items to charity if they’re too good to throw. Pack up things you plan to take with you and get them out of sight. If necessary, rent a storage space. Speak to us if you need help with this.

While you’re cleaning your home for viewers, pack up most of your personal photographs.  They are distracting to potential buyers and this action will help them see the house as their potential home instead of yours.

Keep your kitchen clean.  That means flowers on your table, no dishes in the sink, no junk on the counters, and no finger smudges around cabinet handles. Pack up everything but the bare essentials from the cabinets so that they are tidy too. If a prospective buyer opens a kitchen cabinet and sees too much stuff, they will think the kitchen is cramped.

Keep your cupboards tidy too. Packing little by little will make your final transition easier. Plus, buyers think a tidy homeowner has also taken good care of the place.  Lining up shoes, and grouping shirts, trousers and dresses together in the cupboard can also make a big impact.

Sometimes the old adage “less is more” applies to furniture in your home.  Move some things to storage if individual rooms are too crowded.  It will make the rooms appear larger.

If there are window treatments, light fixtures, appliances or other “attached” items you plan to take with you, remove them and replace them before showing your home so that the buyer won’t think they are included.

Freshen up paint and make repairs to things such as cracked tiles and rotting windowsills before we even put the sign up.

If your daughter’s room is pink, or your living room is painted a bold colour, consider repainting it a more neutral colour. Impersonalising your home allows viewers to use their imaginations and visualise your home as their own. Don't let buyers walk away remembering your home as "the one with the orange bathroom."

Lighting is everything, so make sure there are no burned out bulbs inside or outside your home, and make sure you have the most complimentary lighting on when we bring over a viewer. Overhead lights show too many issues and flaws, but a soft lamp in a corner makes a room seem cosy.

Make the beds, and make them nicely!  Don’t just toss the pillows on, arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Make sure all mirrors, windows, porcelain, faucets and appliances are clean and sparkly!

Dust and vacuum every single surface, including baseboards, ceiling fan blades, and carpet in the corners of stairs and rooms.

Choose a fresh scent that doesn’t smell too much like bleach to clean tiles, baths and toilets.

Little touches like pulling down all window blinds to the same level and making your front entrance inviting set the tone for the way the rest of the house is viewed.

Outside is as important as inside. Mow grass, trim bushes, and sweep away cobwebs, leaves and dog hair.

Invest in a potted plant or two to put along your front steps.  You won’t believe what a difference that little touch of curb appeal will make.

Last but not least, do a walk-through pretending you are a prospective buyer. Note the things that would turn you off and then fix them.

Happy selling from Russell Greatbatch

ClearMove Director

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